Right off the bat the modpack can be quite confusing but that's where this wiki is supposed to come in!

So you've just started a new world on Evolving Technology and you're wondering how to get started, I've compiled a list of things you should know about the modpack:

  • A large deal of the recipes have been disabled until you have completed the requirements neccesary to unlock them, for more details you can view the progression book you are provided with.
  • You'll notice that the common ore's like iron, tin and copper all have mining requirements above what is available to you in the beginning.

A good way I found to start off was by chopping down 2 trees by hand, then gathering 12 blocks of gravel. Make yourself a crafting table, stencil table, part builder and a tool station,
Next you'll want to put the gravel in the crafting grid like so:


This will give you 4 pieces of flint, the flint you can then use to make the parts for your starting pickaxe, shovel and axe.
Note: I only found out about the flint recipe after hitting about 40 blocks of gravel for flint to none avail.

I built myself a cave home and my pickaxe level'd up whilst digging out the cave, after the 1st of 2nd level it will be able to mine copper and coal!

You'll want to gather some clay,sand and more gravel for flint and to make grout, you will need to get a tinker's forge setup ASAP.

A good idea is to mine a tunnel down to bedrock that will:

  1. Give you the experience needed to be able to mine copper if you cannot do so already.
  2. You should find a variety of different ore's you'll need on your way down.
  3. Provide you with an easy to access pool of lava if you're lucky to dig down close enough to one, mine was slightly off from my tunnel but I followed the bubbling lava noise.

To gather the lava for your tinker's forge, you will need a bucket, needless to say making one out of Iron is out of the question at this point so instead make yourself 4 clay fired buckets, check the NEI for recipe.

To be continued...